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Jan 13, 2013 9:00am PST
of got secret information from the obama administration when she was, you know, beginning the directorial process for the film. and there's these really intense torture scenes. there's sleep deprivation, waterboarding, some things that people, average viewers just might not be able to tolerate and consume and digest that well. so there's just a big controversy, a big buzz around it. and she was, you know, supposedly -- supposed to be nominated for best director for nim but was -- >> right. was she snubbed because of this? let's think about the kind of films she does. she did "hurt locker." thumbs up on that. she was hugely acclaimed for that. she does have a golden globe nomination, right? >> yes. >> is that the problem here? politics at play? >> people vague it's politics at play. this film did get a lot of buzz critically. it's number one right now. but because of the controversy a lot of the older academy voters kind of shy away from films that kind of have this kind of controversy around them. people are saying she's snubbed for that very reason. >> do you think part of the controvers
Jan 12, 2013 4:00am PST
's the oldest of the justices. she's been serving since the clinton administration. and so if you want to call it that, she is the most likely one to retire during the president obama's second presidency. >> i'm sure you're familiar with the op-ed in "the new republic." in it they argued that justice ginsburg and breyer should preemptively retire so that obama is replace them with like minded liberals. what do you think about that process? >> well, that will be very unfortunate. if you look at how politicalization is working for the rest of government with congress getting, as you said, 14% approval rating and profoundly unproductive in the last session, that's not what the american people or the justices want from the court. that's not how they understand its role as you noted it's got a really important role in protecting and vindicating civil rights in this country. i think that's what people want to see it doing. >> when posed this question whether this is politicizing the court, they say no it is a plea for realism which is difficult for people to muster in the face of the eye doll tritha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2